Tech That Drives Revenue & Enhances Content

We provide digital publishers with easy-to-use tools that enhance your existing content, increase audience engagement and drive new revenueโ€”without crowding your site with invasive take-overs or pop-ups.



Enhance your content with intelligent recommendations that perform

Our technology dynamically creates an understanding of what your content is about and who your readers are, optimizing the products and content that are recommended. By simply dropping a script within your footer, you are able to place the SmartServe units across your entire site. You have complete control over which products are shown and the look and feel of the unit.



The Farm

The easiest way to manage products from multiple affiliate networks and advertising partners. 

Okanjo's Farm is a breakthrough tool that brings together products from different brands, advertisers and affiliate networks into one location. Using the Farm, you can easily filter and curate products based on commission, categories, merchant, price and performance. The Farm leverages artificial intelligence to self-populate your SmartServe units, so you never have dead links.

Other Ways To Enhance Your Content



Offer eCommerce storefronts to your advertisers and other businesses that are relevant to your reader.



Modern content available to digital publishers that drives new revenue and readers.



Host local auctions online that engage the community and businesses within it.